[Plugin: Fluency Admin] Submenu Position after disabling Fixed Menu (2 posts)

  1. flightoftheowl
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, thanks for a great plugin. I am using Fluency Admin 2.2 on WordPress 2.9.1

    I have disabled the "Fixed Menu", since I have a really long admin menu. The only way I could reach the "Fluency Admin" settings, was by physically finding the options page url and then typing it in the address bar.

    Now, when I am on a page, before scrolling down, the last menu item visible at the bottom left of my screen, is "Appearance". All submenus for items above that work fine.

    But when I scroll down, the submenus of all main menu items below that, stay floating way above, next to the "Appearance" menu item.

    It seems that a css class is positioning it, I have looked at the css file, and tried to edit, but with no success...

    Does my explanation make sense, or do I need to show you with a screenshot?


  2. Dean Robinson
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I think I understand what you're explaining, but could I get you to provide a screen shot just so I know I'm looking into the correct issue. Thanks.

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