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  • I have a link blog here: Floopie! I have also added my tutorials on the site as well.Visit when you can.
    Oh, yeah, changed my user name from Southern Gal to gregsbaby64. 🙂 Thought it was about time to do this. You can see all my old post on this board still. And the even older ones using Simply Sara as a user name.

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  • *LOL* Beel! I’m Greg’s Wife and I was born in ’64. 😉



    Volunteer Moderator

    Ah, I was wondering about the nick too.

    Neat, but difficult to read, at least for me– not enough contrast?
    But then I’m blind in one eye, and can’t see out the other…

    Ah, yes Hanni, that’s the reason. 😉
    Sorry to hear you are having a problem wildthing. No one else has complained to me yet.

    Pink… Not enough contrast imho… Strike-throught links… Eh… Sorry for critic… Just imho 🙂
    Best Regards, MaxT

    I did darken the font today a little. I am using a backlit computer as well as a regular monitor to check it and it looks fine to me.
    Max, how did you get the wp-mail.php to work? I keep getting errors after the email is sent.

    Eh… Never had any probs with it as far as I remember…
    Still running WP 1.1 here tho’… maybe that’s why.
    Best Regards, MaxT

    That could be why Max. One day I will find another mail program for WP blog posts!

    I’ll be updating my blog this or next week to latest nightly… Then we’ll see if it’ll work or not 😉
    Best Regards, MaxT

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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