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  • Since a few days ago, from Conterize, I’ve been noticing that “somebody” using IE6 comes to my blog and accesses like 10 pages in just about 15 seconds, leaving no referer.

    Due to the time it took and the lack of referers I was sure it was some kind of automatic software, and just deleted it from stats.

    Today when I entered my blog I noticed 78 spam comments. They are not spam in the way of trying to add links to other sites, they are a big blog of words or 2 lines or random characters with 2 links to random charateres domain. They are flood…

    IDK why this is happening, but I feel that somebody is mad with me and is flooding my site. It is still not a DDOS attempt, seems more to be trying to flood all my posts with trash comments.

    Is there a way to block it? How can I see its IP and ban it?

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  • You can ban IP’s, but doing it one by one is a lot like playing whack-a-mole…

    Check out Combating_Comment_Spam in the Docs section and see if anything in there would help?

    tnx for the tip Handy, but this page didn’t help much.

    I already moderate all comments before they are shown, and Askimet is catching spam pretty fine, separating them from pending comments.

    The most annoying thing is that this flooder is flooding my Counterize data and trashing stats. I receive more than 2000 visits from it today, making day 11 go to top visiting day and lowering all other days to yellow and a few to red. Normal stat for 1 month is between 150 and 350…

    I had to delete the flood manually (somehow easy to identify), and that wasn’t a big work, but I fear he comes back and keeps flooding me the whole day, or even finding a way to DDOS me.

    Before deleting all the trash I went to database and confirmed that most of it was coming from a specific IP.

    The past days I was provoking some people (vegetarians :P), I suppose somebody got mad with my posts and found some wordpress flooding/spamming software and is using it on me. I hope he just gets bored when he sees his flood comments are not appearing and goes away, but also there is the possibility of he just leaving it running 24/7…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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