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    If you want help, please post a link to your site.

    Hey Wpyogi, thanks for the reply , unfortunately I am using Wamp and developing the theme in my local host before I commit to paying for hosting. Is there anything else I can provide ?

    Thanks mod, sorry about that here are the codes in pastebin


    Edit … here is also an image of what is happening when I click on the comments link … I have highlighted the sidebar green for clarity

    as opposed to when Im on the home page



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    It’s almost impossible to figure out CSS and layout questions unless someone can view the site in Firefox using Firebug to see the CSS in action. If the problem is only on one page, then it is likely that the template for that page is different from the others and/or that the way the CSS is coded is only affecting (or not affecting) the one page. You should be able to use Firebug to sort out the spacing issue. Something obviously happens when you switch to the view comments — so look for that section in the php files and corresponding CSS. The width of the sections is what you probably need to change.

    Ok thank you for your reply I have tried using the inspect element in chrome to solve this but cannot find the cause … I will have another go if not I will see if I can upload my site some where 🙂

    Hey Guys just to update you I have resolved this issue 🙂 yay after 3 – 4 hours of messing I found that the problem was due the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> being Below the <?php comments_template(); ?> in the Single.php file to resolve my issue I just cut and pasted it up above. So if you are having a problem with your side bar layout only on pages which involve single post this may help 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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