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  • Hi,
    I tried placing 3 images one after the other in a theme based on kubrick and this is what I got:
    How can I can get rid of those stairs between the images and have them lined up?

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  • take out the <br> tags

    thats the problem.. I don’t know where they are in the code.. I didn’t put them anywhere!

    The <br /> tag is there probably because you have a line break in your post contents. Take it out.

    nop, there are no line breaks in my post. what else could that be?

    it seems I DID have line breaks after all.. silly me..
    thanks geoffe and Viper007Bond!
    Maybe you could help me with a similar problem:
    I have the <br clear="all"/> tag after each of my posts, in order that the images and the texts will line up and that the next post won’t interupt them. now the problem is the space that is created beneath a post in which the image is bigger than the text, is smaller than the space created beneath a post with text only or a post where the text arrived lower than the image.
    you can see that, again, here:
    note the differences among the gaps in the page.
    any idea?

    Get rid of the <br clear=”all”> tags and add this rule to your style.css file:
    p.postmetadata {clear:both}

    As usual, it is better (easier, more effective) to use CSS to solve layout problems than to rely on HTML tags. If you’re willing to make it your goal, you should rely on HTML markup to give your data structure, but CSS to control its style and layout. (yet I understand it requires patience and study that one could avoid by trying to do everything with HTML code, but you could end up with more wasted time in aggravation that way)

    By the way, what language is your site?

    check his link and you will see the domain .il

    domain il is israel 🙂

    hi geoffe and cam_oai
    yes, my site is in hebrew, which also explains my lousy english..
    I tried the css clear:both thing, and it works well in IE (thanks geoffe!), but in FF it still makes a differance between posts ending with image and posts ending with text. actually, recently I’m having alot more troubles with FF than with IE, which is strange..
    this problem is most annoying in the single pages like this one:
    there is actualy no space between the images and the metadata. I could in fact solve it by giving a bottom margin to the images but then the text doesnt wrap nice around them in long posts.

    hey and my domain isn’t il at all cam_oai! it is bloody com!
    how did you know?

    i checked your links 🙂 2 of them are .il so i searched domain il, which showed belong to israel.

    i checked the post one: and it seem ok. try to write more text and see if it’s showing proberly.

    here is a sample of my problem:

    sorry, bad url
    the correct one is:

    hey, i don’t know if it’s right…but the first post has less text, therefor the comment links start right under. meanwhile the other got more text and so the comment link came under 1line.

    i would go in the theme file and add a <br \> and see what it does. add before the comment code.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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