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  • Here’s my site:

    As you can see I tried to add floating FB, Google+1 buttons on index.php just left of the content.

    As you can probably also see, I’m not very skilled at this. How can I get those buttons to appear perfectly in line with top left of main content, fixed position, and appear as such for every resolution monitor?

    As you can see, my coding is not very good…here’s what I currently have:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    I someone can help me out I’d be very grateful.


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  • I think you have a design/usability/accessibility problem you maybe ought to look at first, if you’ll forgive me for saying so.

    Your page is already 1010px wide. This is OK, just. Reasonably modern laptops are commonly 1064 x 640.

    However, if you add something to the left of the main content you either get that something being displaced over the main content, which is what is happening at the moment on my laptop for example, or you will have content scrolling off to either the left or right or both if you give things fixed widths and positions.

    Now, almost without exception, users **hate** horizontal scrolling. So you’ll likely make your site very unpopular if you force your users to scroll horizontally. Not only that, but some users may be left unaware of the content that has scrolled off the viewport. And finally, you will be making life even more difficult for people with visual impairments who have their screen resolutions set very low so that they stand a chance of reading the content without having to resort to other aids, like screen readers.

    Given all that, if it was my site, I’d be looking to put these elements somewhere far more convenient. Most likely above the main content or in the right hand sidebar somewhere.

    But it’s your site, of course, so you can do as you please. I just thought you might like to consider the issues I raise.



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