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  • This is such a great plugin/idea!
    My question is if it helps creating an element that would *appear* and *float* on the page as it is scrolled (say, after scrolling 400px a module with a call to action would appear and stay on top of the content/page until the user dismisses this module).

    An element to “appear” is different, in my mind, than to “become sticky” (since in the second option the element is already on the page, and just becomes sticky when the user scrolls) – my goal is to display a floating “promo” (i.e., subscribe to my newsletter module) after the user has scrolled an X number of pixels.

    does this plugin allow doing this?


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  • Hi, thanks for trying my plugin! 🙂

    My plugin does not have any functionality to make something sticky/visible after scrolling an X amount op pixels, but what you could do, is set an element sticky in the plugin, and make it invisible until it actually becomes sticky (ie. when it reaches the top of the page).

    Please let me know if that helps!

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