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  1. Avi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The client I am building http://avikommcom.fatcow.com/home (temporary database name) for wants to be able to update her site on her own once completed.

    When a new image is inserted into a page, is there a way to float its caption to the right/left without making a new div? Every example I've found allowing image and text to sit side by side is made possible by being styled within a div which nests inside the content container. I can't expect my client, who has no knowledge of html or css, to create a new div every time she wants to update specific areas of her site.

    The page in question is http://avikommcom.fatcow.com/leterranostra/services/.
    Is there a way that every new image added is automatically floated left while the text is floated right?

    Thank you!

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