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  • Firstly I have to say how much I love Mediaplayer and it’s HTML5 / Flash ability for Firefox…it’s great! Wonderful plugin.

    I am having a problem with layout though using the default skin (or any skin actually) – you can’t have the player with an image to the left, floated or otherwise because the player overlays it. Not the original HTML5 < audio > tag which is shown first, when the embed is replaced. It does this with any content close to the player.

    Which is great if you always have the player on it’s own line, but would be better if it just replaced the HTML5 [audio] tags without floating over other content on the page?

    Looked at the CSS and tried to take out the floats but didn’t make any difference. Is there any skin or CSS/plugin alteration I can make so the audio player can co-exist with other content on the page?

    Also are there other skins (apart from custom skin plugin which I have, problem occurs with or without it though) or tutorials for skinning mediaplayer.js?

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