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  • I’ve put mine on the sidebar and use a fixed widget to scroll/float it while scrolling the page.



    We combine this plugin with another: Q2W3 Fixed Widget

    It makes it stay with the screen, but it waits untill you start to scroll down before it becomes fixed. Very cool!



    I would like to know if there is any CSS modification in order to move it to the left of the text and hang it there floating as the scrolls goes down.

    I know the sidebar trick, but I have a different widget there that it is also floating and I would like to have the menu to the left of the text.

    With these option, TOC+ would be awesome!


    I developed a new and enhanced version.

    It remain two questions :
    – How to manage this enhancement with the author which don’t answers till now
    – For me, a time problem needed to package the new one combined with another plugin (while I have a project of site to end)

    Just some features of the enhanced plugin :
    – Holds a general css (shortcode and widget)
    – complementary widgets (TOC) can be set into a floating scrollable sidebar (the other plugin add a sidebar to the theme) which are allowed to be displayed or hidden (automatically when a link is chosen or manually) can contain any widgets with tabs (activated by lateral tips – particularly useful for tablets and smartphones)
    – holds the paginated posts
    – numbering of headers into toc and text.
    – scrolling toc.
    – Toc for automated pages produced by “archive & sons (all loops)”

    I need time.

    Best regards


    Note : I will give here the url when the site will be published (basics contents are not ended to launch it)

    Note2 : development to combine it with the sticky menu : this needs to check the collisions and show the “targets” (fragments) of the links of the toc under the sticky menu which menu is always at the top of the page.

    Trebly, I’m waiting for that enhanced version!

    i am also interest in the TOC+ fix for single paginated post


    I am working on, but I have many others projects running.

    The most important job is to package it.

    Nevertheless, I had to work on a related problem :

    – When you have sticked your toc (or other widget of lateral sidebar) it must be alone or at least the last of the secondary widget zone (lateral right or left) and have the good height.

    This problem become major when you use displays on little surfaces. In this case the lateral zone is generally send under footer. Then it becomes, most of time, impossible to see the toc on tablets and smartphones, or if the option “display for desktop” is chosen, even the tablet have a high definition, if used in “portrait” the readability limits the width to 60 to 80 chars. There is no place for a toc.

    For this I have developed a new plugin which does this :
    – allocate a virtual sidebar (display:none by default) vertically scrollable always and adapted to the display size.
    – defines a fixed lateral right column of tabs (only icons) which are destined to fingertips navigation into the virtual sidebar (which shows his facets):
    – top
    – bottom (widget main)
    – several tabs containing widgets (user defined managed by css) and naturally the toc
    – previous position (as virtual targets)
    – hide (when a command of a widget is not issued)

    I developed it for my own site. The packaging and portability is a difficult problem because it changes a little the window port width available for WP display by theme (most of theme are not able to adapt to plugins which set fixed zones, this is the case for sticky menu : this is another problem about the screen space use). So, for now, if anybody would use it, he should have necessarily to create a child-theme and install the plugin for this child.
    I will work on, the soonest, during the end of springtime.

    Best regards



    I’d like to do the same thing you did. I have an especially long informational page on my site, and I want to get the TOC+ floating. I got the plugin you suggested, but I can’t figure out how to make it float.


    For now, it only exists the original version of toc+, which doesn’t do this.

    I have developed a wide enhanced version, but it takes time to package and it is not my main job. So you have to wait.

    I announce more :
    1- the table of content can be linked to a new button (a second new plugin that I have developed, which allows to define a vertical right margin – 30px – tabs bar with buttons), which displays the history of navigation for any red document (the headers targeted known by the toc or headers bookmarked) and allows to go back to any previous target.
    2- The toc external links to other pages of paginated contents can be opened (default) into a new tab of the navigator, then each page (named section to be more clear in all explanations and docs) have his own history.
    3 – Can generate a hierarchical numerotation of the toc and of the content

    I began with this to develop some main functions of a true “book reader” with reading history and bookmarks.

    I will very soon propose here the url of a demo (on my real site), and after all needed tests, I will propose the two plugins.

    I cannot test myself all the features and configurations of the plugins on most platforms and navigators, so it needs time to not have the risk of bad results on many technical context. For example, the plugins are tested on tablets, smartphones with various widths but for now it is not tested on ipads, it is only tested on Android kitkat with chrome… and high definition 1920×1200 tablet (LG Pad V500) and smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3…
    I planned also to be able to save the context of a reading and get it when coming back to go on reading the same document.

    So, please be patient. You will have, I do so, these plugins at the beginning of summer.

    Best regards


    You r sososososo awesome.Very appreciated with your selfless contribution for all the guys in need.Looking forward to the enhanced version…


    It comes, but I had to take care of others problems (bugs, you can find them by searching me as author).

    The TOC is now necessarily linked to extensions (child) of the theme.
    The reason is that TOC is extended to generate summaries for all WP displays (archives, tags, search etc…). Then you can have a list of the titles of articles for which you have sometimes quite long “exceprts”.
    This needs a toc_callback and manage the output buffer.

    More, the functions are to be executed only once when either a shortcode [toc] appears and not repeated when you display a widget (and necessary before the display of the widget or the inside text TOC but generated after content generation – after the loop).

    I simultaneously developed sticky panels, activated by “touch on” icons (always present on the screen – desktop, tablet, smartphones) which are able to display any widget (then the toc from a store), this at anytime on the right side of the current page with all scroll capacities. They behave as multiple lateral sidebars as the lateral sidebar of windows8. This is to implement as child-theme.

    An auto dynamic bookmark panel (new particular widget) allows to memorize your navigation into a long text and navigate into.

    I think that everything can be seen in some weeks. I will give here the url.

    For plugins and child theme(s) it is a little more complicated to be “simple” and easy to install in all cases (it is not always possible to use hooks).

    The TOC+ have been 80% rewritten.

    Best regards


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