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  • I created a website that uses CodeLights. Great job.

    I put four FlipBox of type Cube Tilt on the homepage:

    These work well in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Edge.

    I just tested it out on two different machines with Internet Explorer 11. The Cube Tilt does not work in Internet Explorer 11.

    Below the Cube Tilts on the same page, I have three FlipBox Card Flips. These do work on all browsers, including Internet Explorer 11.

    Could you please let me know if this is a known issue?


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  • FYI…to make the website usable by users of Internet Explorer 11, I have gone ahead and changed the four FlipBox widgets to Card Flips.

    But I like the Cube Tilts. Let me know if you would like me to revert it back to Cube Tilts if you are unable to reproduce it and need an example of where it does not work in IE 11.

    I have this problem too – would really appreciate it being fixed, same reasons as above!

    I wound up creating my own, using pure CSS that works pretty well (though not as pretty). Feel free to use my code, at codepen here:

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    Same problem. I don’t like IE either, but it’s still got 12% market share so not something we can just write off.

    I see in the changelog that the goal is to make it functional in IE 11, although not necessarily equal; causing an instant flip on hover.

    Here is the remaining problem I see. When using the “Up-Right” animation direction (and likely others) in IE 11 the background turns white and doesn’t show the back side text.

    I also notice that the height of the box is set to fit the back side content when “Up” is used (causing non-uniform heights unless text quantity is adjusted), but when “Up Right” is used the height stays uniform, regardless of text content.

    This is reason enough to want to use the “Up Right” animation, but with that one not working in IE 11, our options are limited.

    I hope this info helps to advance the plugin.


    Nice work, thank you for sharing it.

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