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    I have a problem with Essential Addons’ FLIPBOX, on a website I’ve built (
    The problem only appears on Safari (both desktop and mobile) and I seem not to be the only one affected by this issue as I’ve found other people posting about it online but no solution unfortunately.

    In fact, the flipboxes of the first section of the website are displayed over the header when you hover over them. You can see the video my client sent me to report the problem here :

    I’ve tried to play with the z-index but with no luck.

    I don’t have a Mac / Iphone and therefore no Safari to test my attempt to fix the issue. I have to ask the client to check again after each change which is really not the easiest way.

    I’m using Elementor Pro and Hello Elementor Theme with a Child Theme.

    This is a big issue as my client doesn’t want to put the website online as it is (which I understand) and is starting to get very irritated.

    Hopefuly someone here had the same issue and a fix for it.
    Thank you !

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Abid Hasan


    Hi @alexis888 ,

    Hope you’re doing good.
    Our dev team is aware of your issue and they are investigating of your website since you created a support ticket.

    I would recommend you to have some patience with this. We will get back to you there don’t worry.

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    Hey ! Thanks for the feedback, I was actually posting here more in hope of solutions from community members who could have faced the same issue rather than the support, as I already created a support ticket as you said.

    All the best !

    Plugin Support Abid Hasan


    Hi @alexis888 ,

    Our dev team fixed your issue by changing the z-index of your header You can check now.

    Thank you!

    Thread Starter alexis888


    Hey there !
    Thanks for the feedback. Could you please elaborate on what the exact solution / change has been made ? I’ve tried playing with z-index but couldn’t make it work. I’ll ask my client to check too.
    Thanks !

    Plugin Support Abid Hasan


    Hi @alexis888 ,

    Did you remove/move any CSS from that section? I went through your page and didn’t find the CSS that we added.

    However, I can see that your issue not occurring on your page. So I’m assuming you moved the CSS?

    Let me know. Thanks!

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    Hey @abidhasan112 , sorry for the late answer. I was actually working as a freelancer for an agency on this project and I had to ask the agency owner if he had made changes on this website as I know he’s found a temporary fix BUT on a copy of the website I mentionned here, not the actual website your support had access to.
    He just confirmed he didn’t touch / remove anything from, nor did I.
    This is weird !
    When you say

    I can see that your issue not occurring on your page

    , did you check on Safari specifically ?

    Also, concerning the temporary fix the agency owner has found and that seems to work on a different domain than the one I sent you (
    – He installed a different plugin offering flipboxes (Master Addons)
    – He added a flipbox on the contact page (even if the flipboxes we’ve created with Essential Addons are displayed on other pages, Home page and Transactions page).
    – He hid the Master Addons flipbox with CSS so it’s not displayed on the website BUT Master Addons .css and .js files are loaded.

    And that seems to have fixed the problem for now. It’s really not ideal but maybe it’s a hint for you to investigate further about this problem with Essential Addons Flipbox other users seems to have on Safari too when using a sitcky menu.

    Looking forward to hearing from you !

    Plugin Support rafinkhan


    Hi @alexis888,

    I hope you are doing well. Anyways, regarding your original issue with Flip Box on Safari, we have checked numerous times on Safari browser on different Devices, the issues seems to have resolved as you can see here

    So, if you are still seeing this, make sure to clear your browser cache or try another device as well.

    Since the original issue has been resolved, I am marking this as resolved.

    Thank you, have a nice day!

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