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    Hi Nicksws,

    Thanks for your interest.
    You should indicate you don’t want page double pages by default in your config, or verify it for each page you upload.

    Best !

    I don’t think that’s the issue.
    It is repeating the same image, one above the other.

    The image isn’t being resized to the size of the page in the book configuration.
    Main animation: width=650, height=520.
    page animation: width=300, height=400.

    The uploaded image is w=580, h=802 and it’s resized to 300/400.
    The page code shows that the div holding the image is width: 325px; height: 520px;

    I assume the background is repeated which is why it shows part of the image again underneath.

    Plugin Author AW360


    There is a trouble in your animation & pages size.
    In jQuery mode height for page & animation might be the same (try 400 for both).

    Is it OK ?


    the problem now is that 400 is too small. I want to make the book as big as possible within the content area.
    Setting the height to 520 and width to 600 in both places also showed the same repeating images.

    I’ve tried with auto-resize on and off.
    with it off, the images look clearer (as the original images are bigger than 600/520).

    To have the pages as big as possible and have clear images, what settings should we use?

    Plugin Author AW360


    Ok, from now that’s quite simple :
    > First you have to determinate the animation size.
    > Then apply for the pages :
    page height = animation height
    page width = animation width / 2


    This is what I tried originally before I reported the issue but I could only use small sizes, not the sizes we wanted.

    I have my main area as w=600 h=520 and the page is then w=300 h=520 but the images still don’t look right.

    If I set “auto image sizing” on. then the images fit but are every blurry when zoomed in.
    If I set “auto image sizing” off then the zoomed in images look OK but they don’t fit in the space (I see the image repeated underneath it).

    I also have an issue with loading images but I’ll create a new issue for that.

    Plugin Author AW360


    The auto image sizing will rework sizes for zooming, and the pages will appear in normal mode forced by CSS.
    so the pages will have to be uploaded in w*2 & h*2 for a good experience

    if you have more troubles you could give me accesses to your admin so I can configure it correctly in the week end and post here the correct sizes (and method to get them)

    your troubles give us the way to simplify the admin section for next releases…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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