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  • I need to tell a web host that does not have a cPanel or formally support WordPress precisely what is needed for file permissions for a Windows box.

    I had kind of a rugged time doing a test install to a subdirectory, and then could not install an uploaded theme because WP couldn’t create a directory.

    I’d like to install WP to the root and upload a theme.

    Does anyone know what I should be telling them?

    I’m on a Mac at home, and when I’ve worked with WordPress other times, the web host always had a cPanel install.


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  • Hello bluezumi, have a look at this link

    I hope this helps you

    Kind regards

    Thanks, but that isn’t quite it. I think I’m looking for something like chmod permissions, but for Windows.

    Would it be fair to say that the WP admin user needs Full Control of the website’s root?

    I’ve been trying to research and compare chmod to Windows permissions. It looks like chmod is usually 644, but to be on the safe side of getting everything installed and updated, it *seems* like 744 would be good in chmod terms, which I think relates to Full Control in Windows.

    Normally folders are 755 and files are 644

    Hi bluezumi, what kind of account do you have with your host? Do you have access to the server as an administrator of your account?

    You mentioned you are looking for something like chmod permissions, but for Windows. Is your host using windows on their server?

    I have ftp access – the client is using a web host that doesn’t specialize in web hosting, so it’s been kind of unique.

    In the past I did a simple html site for the client, so no issues, but when they wanted an update I had the “brilliant” idea that WordPress would be better for them so they could update the site themselves, but I did not realize what I was getting into when the web host didn’t have a control panel and WP install.

    I don’t know much about the host at all, but they did say the client is on a Windows web server.

    I have tried using filezilla to modify permissions, but it doesn’t seem to take, which makes sense after finding out it’s a Windows box. Customer support said they could change them, but they need to know the exact info.

    Sorry I don’t have more info – It’s kind of a strange arrangement.

    If I may ask you, why don’t you change host? It would eliminate much of your current headache…..

    The client get telephone services through the host and they don’t want to switch.

    Can you let me know who the host is, I would like to see if there is anything that they might have to implement a wordpress installation. Or perhaps you might have to go another way…..

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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