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  • Hi,

    I am using the auto blog feature in Flickr. When I send a photo by email to Flickr it posts the photo in wordpress. It works well. Except I have one problem. At the end of the posting there is a line which Flickr says : ” Originally uploaded by …”. Is there any way I canprevent this line from appearing? Or, Is there any other alternative way to send an email with a image attachment to wordpress and get it posted automatically?

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  • Did you ever figure out of there was another way? I am able to post via email, but want to have the photo attachments post as well, without having to use another site such as Flickr. If you know of some script, or a place that WordPress has info on how to get the photos to display as photos (instead of a string of letters/numbers that represent the photo) let me know. This was posted quite a while ago, so don’t know if I would get an answer. Cheers

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