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  • plinth


    Hi, I’ve installed the plugin successfully, but having problems getting the Flickr slideshow to work.

    If I select ‘Flickr Slideshow’ from the Functionality tab, then fill in the group id and API key from the Flickr tab, all I see on the front end of the site are two default images of girls in a forest!

    I’ve tested the plugin works at all by choosing a default gallery pulling images from one of my uploads folders, and this works fine, just not when I want to show any photos from Flickr.

    Any suggestions? Have I missed a step?

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  • Hello there,

    I’ve got exactly the same problem, supersized can’t seem to look for my set in Flickr but displays two pictures from there

    Romantic Photography by Kitty Gallannaugh

    WP: 3.6
    Supersized: 3.1.6

    Got it !

    If pages already exist, their Supersize parameters are per default set to “none” – @plinth, try to edit one article or page where Supersize should display correctly and look at the bottom of your editing zone, in the parameters…



    @varkhan – you’re right! Well spotted. This functionality is a bit backwards, don’t you think – defaulting to ‘none’ for all preexisting pages? Anyway, at least I can change it on a page-by-page basis, I’m just glad I only have a handful of pages on the site! Maybe an option in the settings to push global settings to all pages would be good?

    Also, how do I set the background to a Flickr slideshow if my homepage is set to the default, which is the list of latest blog posts (using the index.php file)?

    There is one way, as I did for the categories (I use categories as menu items). Basically, Supersized takes the pics located in the default directory you set under the “Slides source” tab, a directory on your server. Import there some pics from your flickr, and all “pages” that can’t be specifically configured will take these pics.

    In fact, performance-wise I think in the long run it’s what’s best to do, except if your really, really want to have an “up to date” set of pics in your background. Having some pics located in your server for background display is better than loading every time from flickr, IMHO.

    Going this way, take also a look at the Background Manager extension – it basically allows you to quite easily import from Flickr and other sources to create local “ImageSets”), which you can afterwards use as background. This one sets automatically the background for all pages per default with your default option, and also allows you to specify a different ImageSet per page/article.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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