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  1. johnnyboy114
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi guys

    I have just installed the Flickr plugin for my WordPress site on recommendation of a lot of people and it works fine in terms of actually displaying images. But, I have a problem with one of my albums in that when I open it up, it "says" there are only 24 images, when there are clearly 28 there. Whats more, if I click "back to albums" it "says" 27 images, but there are still 28 and on top of this, a photo that I added to the set doesn't display. But, if I open up a slideshow, the photo IS actually there!
    There seems to be a big conflict in the numbers that the Flickr plugin knows about, can see and will display and as I am new to all of this and know NOTHING of code or HTML or anything like that (I wanted Flickr to be amost "plug and play" I am that dim...), then I thought I would post and see what you guys can come up with! Any ideas?


    Oh and here is my site:


    Hopefully you will see the same things I am in the first of the albums in my gallery. This problem doesn't occur on my other albums for some strange reason...

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