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  • Is it just this set? Do other multi-page sets work as expected?

    First I had another set with the same photos in it, same problem. I deleted that set and created this one to see if that was the problem. It looks like it wasn’t.

    Let me rephrase my question, because I can’t tell if you answered it:

    Do you have any other Flickr photosets that span mulitple pages on your blog? If you do, do these sets also fail to show a certain page? Is it always the last page that fails to load?

    If other multi-page sets do not have the problem, then I suspect it’s something to do with one of the photos; or possibly a glitch at Flickr.

    I have 15 photos per page, that is the only set with more than 30 photos for me to check.

    I’ll add some more photos to another set to test it out, it takes a bit for the flickr plugin to recongize that there are new photos.

    You could also just adjust your plugin settings to show 5 (or 3!) photos per page. That would be a good way to test.

    OK, I’ll change that up.

    Have time to pop in #wordpress?

    Ok, I changed that and it seems all sets stop showing pages after the first two.

    Have you contacted the plugin’s author?

    Alas, no, I’ve no time for #wordpress today.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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