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Flickr plug-in?

  • Ok I have added a flickr badge to my sidebar and the JS is ugly and now does not validate due to the flickr badge. I have seen that there is a flickr badge but it seems to be bloated as it is a rather large php file that replaces the JS.

    Looking for alternatives/suggestions on how to clean this up KISS style

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  • the JS should validate…just remember to change any ascii characters (such as &). if you generated the badge in ‘raw’ format you can do any kind of formatting you want using css.
    i posted some ideas at:

    Hey – still being a newbie at this, I tried following your instructions for getting the Flickr badge to come up with a border, and justify/align left. At the moment, I have the “no style” option, plugged into my index.php. This gives me almot the look I’m after, but I’d like a border to offset the photos (and on a related note, how do I put borders around pictures in my posts?). Where is my style.css? I have wp-layout, but I’m not sure what the code should like there.

    Have a look: http://www.biglittleg.com/blog

    Nice layout for you site by the way. Inspiring.

    your flickr badge looks fine, but i can’t find where/or if you have the CSS styling.
    you need to insert the .flickrimg code in your stylesheet (probably http://www.biglittleg.com/blog/wp-layout.css seems to be your ‘style.css’)
    try simple copying and pasting my .flickrimg code into that stylesheet and see what happens…then go with it from there.

    .flickrimg {border: 1px solid #ccc; padding:4px; margin:4px;}
    .flickrimg:hover {background: #6699CC;}

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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