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  • I’ve been trying to find a good Flickr and found one that is almost exactly what I need: TanTan Flickr Photo Album. We are using this on a personal site to showcase our photos, but my wife hates that people who want to add comments have to create a Flickr account and comment on there. Instead, we’d like to be able to add comments on the blog. Most of our family checking out the photos can barely get to our site, let alone understand creating an account on Flickr and then commenting.

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  • Yeah, this is an often requested feature… I’m thinking of ways to do this, but it’s a little tricky (or even impossible). WP’s comments need to be attatched to a “post” (which are not photos), and Flickr doesnt allow anonymous comments… so those are the two major roadblocks :-/

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    I post my photos to my blog from Flickr without any difficulty, and people can comment on them from there. No plugins, nothing special, I just told Flickr the info for my blog and it makes a post on my blog with the image when I send images to Flickr.
    Add your blog there and it gives you different ways to post to either just Flickr or Flickr+your blog.

    You’ll need to enable XML-RPC on your install of WordPress too.

    Another way that you might consider doing this is to just put the flickr photos directly into a blog post using Lizzer.

    You can search your flickr photos using the Lizzer bookmarklet. Then just insert them into your blog post with one click.

    Check out the site to learn more. Then you can just use the great commenting system that is already built into WordPress instead of trying to force people to comment on Flickr.

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