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  • I’ve been using TanTan Noodle’s Flickr Photo Album plugin for a few years now. But it hasn’t seen an update in ages, while WP has moved on, including the media handling. And now the Flickr API has moved on as well, breaking the plugin.
    So I’ve started looking for alternatives. So far I’ve checked out Flickpress and WordPress Flickr Manager, and while they seem to work, they’re still a long way away from being alternatives to the Flickr Photo Album plugin. Here’s why:

    User experience is key. This is where WordPress excels and plugin developers should follow that lead. WP has many UI hooks that you can use, and sets some pretty high standards as well. So why oh why does Flickpress forego the use of a regular WP UI? Why the unstyled text, with no use of the default interface whatsoever?
    WordPress Flickr Manager does this better, so that it is possible, is proven. This makes using a plugin so much easier for people who do not use their wordpress sites every free hour of every day. Come on, if you release a plugin you wrote to the world, please think about how your users are going to interact with it.
    So why isn’t WP Flickr Manager a decent replacement for Flickr Photo Album? Because it actually inserts short codes into a post in stead of the actual photo. Yes, this means that when you’re editing your post, all you see is a [flickr id=”12345″] tag, and *not* the actual image you want to see. That defeats he whole purpose IMHO. You create a plugin to add photo’s from flickr to your posts, and then you stop short at *adding them to your posts*.

    So, if someone with basic developer skills could take a look at these three modules, and merge them so they work and look half decent, that’d be great 🙂

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