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  • Greetings WordPress

    I am encountering an issue with my Flickr photo album plugin that i’ve added to my wordpress blog.

    You can see the issue for yourself located here:

    My whole right-navigation got booted out, and there is a larger then needed row of thumbnails for my albums, I suspect this is the culprit for my width issue, but I could be wrong.

    Any help with the matter would be appreciated, i’m kinda on a time-crunch.


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  • find this:


    div#photos {
    margin:20px 0 0 0;

    add this to that section:


    Thanks doodlebee! Another issue though, my right-navigation bar is still missing, where on earth has it gone? 🙁

    did it drop to the bottom of the page? I didn’t look. if it did, then you’re going to need to set the width and margins properly. The problem is, your gallery is widening your content area – this makes the right side drop when the #wrapper is smaller than the content it’s holding. St a width for the sidebar and main content area, and make sure the dimensions (plus paddings and margins) are less than or equal to the main #wrapper.

    I don’t see the sidebar at the bottom, or anywhere for that matter, but is it safe to assume that it’s well.. somewhere? haha

    My guess is it’s your theme. Like default, it doesn’t show sidebars on single post pages.

    Hmm, how would I enable this? Your knowledge is most appreciated!

    You’d have to look at your theme files. I dont’ know. Loko at your index.php file, and the sidebar call is probably there somewhere:

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    Note where it is, and then open up whatever template file is for the gallery, and plugin that in there where you want the sidebar to show up. I’m also guessing that te template file that’s handling the “wider content” also has a class set to it – you’ll have to edit that as well.

    Woo, I have discovered the sidebar, it was at the bare bottom of the page, but I adjusted it. Now i’m kind of stuck again, and am unsure about where to stick the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> code to have it go on the right-hand side of the website where it should be.

    Any suggestions? Then I’ll get our of your hair, promise 🙂

    Template Name: Photo Album
    If you want to customize the look and feel of your photo album, follow these steps. 
    You'll probably need a good understanding of HTML and CSS!
    1. Copy this file into your current active theme's directory
    2. Also copy all the files starting with "photoalbum-" into your theme's directory
          * Alternatively, you could only copy just the "photoalbum-" file you want to customize into your current themes directory.
    3. Customize the CSS in photoalbum-header.html to your liking.
    4. That's it :)
    The main template files:
    - photoalbum-albums-index.html shows all your Flickr sets (aka albums)
    - photoalbum-album.html displays a highlight photo and all the photos for an album
    - photoalbum-photo.html displays one photo, along with next and previous photo links 
    Troubleshooting Tips:
    Not all WordPress themes are created equal, so default look and feel might look a little weird
    on your blog. Try looking at your theme's "index.php" and copy and paste any extra HTML or
    PHP into this file.
    $Revision: 128 $
    $Date: 2008-04-24 00:16:32 -0400 (Thu, 24 Apr 2008) $
    $Author: joetan54 $
    global $TanTanFlickrPlugin;
    if (!is_object($TanTanFlickrPlugin)) wp_die('Flickr Photo Album plugin is not installed / activated!');
    // load the appropriate albums index, album's photos, or individual photo template.
    // $photoTemplate contains the template being used
    <div id="content" class="narrowcolumn"><?php
    include($tpl = $TanTanFlickrPlugin->getDisplayTemplate($photoTemplate));
    // uncomment this line to print out the template being used
    // echo 'Photo Album Template: '.$tpl;
    <?php if (!is_object($Silas)):?><?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <div class="flickr-meta-links">
    Powered by the <a href="">Flickr Photo Album</a> plugin for WordPress.
    <?php endif; ?>

    Wow – I dont’ know. Probably right before get_footer();

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