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  • I installed the latest version of Flickr Gallery, but the Lightbox feature does not work.. I enable it, doesn’t do anything – When I click on the thumbnails, it just takes me to the Flickr page.. I put a rel=”lightbox” within the code, on the thumbnails, and Lightbox works, but it only shows the thumbnail..

    Any help here is appreciated


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  • Did one more test with default theme, it doesn’t load the other jquery, just the one that wp uses itself, still no luck with the next button working. so i left the test page above active for now. there are several other js being called in the head, but it is the same problem whether they are there or not.

    thanks again, sorry for the multiple updates.


    I’m having the same problem described by pnelson at my site. An example with images:

    Lightbox and next page doesn’t work. It was working fine and somewhere recently along the way it stopped.

    I went through all the plugins I installed recently and deactivated them – no luck. It’s going to take me a while to go through every one of my plugins, but from what I can tell there are no other jquery scripts being used.

    okay, very strange. It has to be something on that page causing the problem. It’s working fine on another page:

    What’s even stranger is that I posted that first entry into a new draft and previewed it. Technically, everything on the page is exactly the same – yet on one the lightbox/next works and on the other it doesn’t.

    The only difference is the comments.

    trying to get this plugin to work properly, lightbox doesn’t work and I have weird borders around the images. any tips?

    Hi. So I have determined that my lightbox is not working because of my theme. It is a theme I created myself. I am a complete WordPress noobie. What do I need to add to my theme to make this work?

    Thanks for your work on this, by the way. I think it will be a great addition to my brand new site!

    Weird, I just had an issue with it as well. I’ve been re-doing my site and tried the plug-in for the first time a few days ago (very good plugin by the way!).

    Anyway, this morning I noticed it wasn’t working. I figured I’d added something that made it quit. Then I decided that maybe it was because I moved my files from the sub-domain I’d been testing on and maybe it needed to be re-authorized or whatever through flickr, so I went through that process again and did notice that the website set up on the flickr app needed to be updated to match my main site.

    Still no dice, so I tried changing themes to the standard 2010 theme. Still no dice. I had tried turning off a couple of plugins to no avail and finally reading this thread turned them all off and then turned back on Flickr-gallery. Yes, it works! So, I figured some plugin was indeed to blame. The weird thing? I’ve just re-enabled every single one of them and it’s still working?!?

    Any clues? I’m kind of afraid that it will start not working again without me being aware.

    A link to a page using it on my site if it help in the suggestions is:

    The symptoms match this thread, the lightbox would start to load and then it would just fail and go straight to flickr. If you weren’t watching you’d have missed that the lightbox even tried it was so quick.

    Unfortunately, unless I can see it when it isn’t working, I usually can’t tell what the conflict is. Let me know if you have problems.


    The lightbox is not working because you have a theme or plugin that is improperly loading jQuery over the one included by WordPress and wiping out any loaded extensions (like my lightbox).


    The reason that your lightbox is not working is because I think you’ve included HTML code into the tag parameter. If you can’t see any indication of the HTML, switch to the HTML view and then make sure that you don’t have any HTML code inside your shortcode.

    Dan, I only post in the HTML view. There is no HTML in my shortcode. Here it is exactly:

    [flickr-gallery mode=”search” tags=”dwcff-macro” group_id=”1478338@N23″]

    It’s not working on this page either:

    I’m not sure why lightbox is selective about when it will and won’t work. The only thing differentiating a page that does work with one that doesn’t is extra text and maybe a little HTML (outside the shortcode, of course.)

    Any other ideas?

    Also, I’m starting to think this might have something to do with how many images are being returned. Seems to work fine when fewer images are being returned. I could deal with lightbox not working, but the Next / Prev page links aren’t working either.

    lyndasu, I’m pretty sure your problem is because of javascript conflict… check your theme and plugins, I recommend analyzing with Google Chrome’s “Resources” check, on the Inspect Element area.

    I’m having a problem after the lightbox is loaded, it seems that the image loads correctly, but it doesn’t show up. the image style stays on display:none and the loader.gif stays on the screen…)
    anybody help?

    It’s strange though, because there’s no javascript difference between the pages it’s working on and isn’t working on.

    @lyndasu, Something is adding in a link anywhere the word “macro” is used in the post. This is messing with a Javascript object and breaking the script. That’s why it’s not happening on every page.

    @miguelpeixe, Could you send me a link?

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