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  • I want to add the Flickr Badge on my side bar using the Default WordPress theme, but not sure where to insert the code in the sidebar.php.

    I placed it after the end of the Meta section and it comes up all messed up and the the footer gets shifted.

    I then placed it after the </div> tag at the bottom and it came out good on the page but offset. In between the sidebar and the main writing section.

    Anyone have any ideas on where exacly it should go. Do i have to add any tags like <li> or <ul> in between?

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  • You would want something similar to this:


    If you want it after the Meta section, make sure to put the above code after <?php } ?> but before the </ul>.

    Good luck.

    Thank you bobafred.

    That worked.

    Hi, gang.

    I just followed the instructions in this thread and got no change whatsoever in the appearance of my blog–there’s no Flickr badge.

    Any thoughts?

    Would it be helpful to post my code here (or somewhere else?) for you to see?


    When you get the exact code could you email it to me in a text file? Could you also explain the exact location this would go?

    Jean Andre Vallery
    Sarasota Florida

    Hi, I’m still unable to add my HTML Flickr badge to my WordPress blog. I tried following Pearsonfied’s instructions but am told “if this file were writable, you could edit it”. So how do I make it writable?
    Also, there seem to be two ways to edit WordPress content: a) thru the WordPress Site Admin link on the blog, and b) thru C-Panel. I’ve tried editing the sidebar.php thru C-Panel, and pasted the Flckr code in there as per suggestions above, but I still don’t see the photos. Any suggestions?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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