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  • Hi all, i am using using WordPress 2.9.2 and a flexx theme.
    I’m trying to find out simultaneously as i speak to know if i can access their support forum, but perhaps the answer is so simple i won’t need that…
    The site is set up so that posts basically go to one page, that acts for all the posts as a large container.To help explain that here is a link…
    The site is at
    I want to do something that will allow its members to blog, either from their individual pages or on a separate area for blogging.
    I did not set up the site so its a bit of a mystery, although i have done work on the site ( adding / editing posts, modifying the menu system ( added the forum) but haven’t really dealt with the wordpress issues at all. There is no doubt something simple to do from the dashboard, but what i wonder would that be? For me flexible means breakable, so with a flexx theme, is it easily modified or are there a lot of cavaets to consider?
    I’ve installed and worked with wordpress before, but this is a bit of a puzzle for me…
    thanks in advance

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