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  • I am using Flexslider settings in Woocommerce to modify the image slider on the single product page. Support for this is added into Woocommerce by default.

    I have entered the below code into my functions.php in order to set ‘touch’ to true and enable finger swiping on touch devices. I have confirmed that this works on a mobile device. However this doesnt work on my larger Surface Pro 3 (also a touch device). It works only when in Chrome DevTools, if I press the device size toggle and then press refresh. However when I close DevTools and refresh again, it stops working.

    How can Flexslider be set to also identify the larger devices as a touch device, rather than only by size?

    add_filter("woocommerce_single_product_carousel_options", "change_flexslider_options", 10);
    function change_flexslider_options($options) {
    $options = array(
      'rtl' => is_rtl(), 
      'animation' => 'slide', 
      'smoothHeight' => false, 
      'directionNav' => true,  
      'controlNav' => true,
      'slideshow' => false, 
      'animationSpeed' => 500, 
      'animationLoop' => false,
      'touch' => true,
    return $options;
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