• I agree entirely with the premise of this plugin – Jetpack is too bulky and adds bloat to your website.

    This plugin does add a CSS file and 2 JS files, but somehow manages to only do it if you’re using the gallery on a page. I’m using it, for example, with Advanced Custom fields and while I call the shortcode, that is in my theme…yet the proper CSS and JS files are loaded so the plugin just works, but not loaded on all of the other pages.

    So, in short, great plugin.

    It gets 4 stars because it adds a menu item in WordPress which is unnecessary and against WordPress best practices.

    See https://codex.wordpress.org/Adding_Administration_Menus#Determining_Location_for_New_Menus

    It is rare that a plugin would require the creation of a top-level menu. If the plugin introduces an entirely new concept or feature to WordPress, and needs many screens to do it, then that plugin may warrant a new top-level menu.

    This just adds clutter on the backend, but otherwise this plugin is written really well.

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