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    Does the WePay plugin work under a flexible AND all-or-nothing model? I was intending to set a slightly higher commission on flexible campaigns, but don’t see where to set that percentage. If this does work on flexible campaigns, does pre-approval still come into play or are backers charged instantly?


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    Currently the option for charging more for Flexible campaigns is limited to PayPal Adaptive Payments only.

    I need to update this, as at the time no other gateway could do this, but now this is not the case. https://github.com/Astoundify/crowdfunding/issues/242

    Flexible just means the preapprovals can be collected at any time, even if the campaign has not reached its goal.

    I’m planning to open the platform for pledges on October 11, and taking campaigns starting Monday. I don’t want to change midstream and would prefer to state upfront that there would be an additional fee for flexible campaigns. Any chance of having this feature available before 10/11?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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