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  1. jasmo
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi all - this could be an 'idea', but I couldn't quite find the right search terms to see if it already existed. I'm building a business to business site using WP. Posting will be by a small core group of people - maybe 3 or 4. But I would like a couple of features that I haven't found yet.

    1) I will require registration for users to make any kind of comment and I will encourage/insist on transparent identity for that - but I would like those registered users to opt for an alias when posting to the forums. They may want to ask a question that they don't want their peers/competitors to know that they're ignorant about.

    2) In addition, I'd like to offer one or two daily/weekly 'free seats' for one registered person (on a first come, first served basis) to post a regular post.

    I think the needs of the B2B communities would benefit from such flexible identity/participation tools. Do they already exist?

    Thanks for any ideas about how to go about this - and thanks for a great support community.

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