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  • I’m designing a theme that will have enable posts and pages that describe different kinds of products and services.

    Likely there will be a page for each product.

    A page related to a product will typically have certain standard information related to the product, such as:

    • A product logo
    • A product description
    • An image
    • A video plugin
    • Some as yet unforeseen additional meta

    I’d like to make the layout of the page flexible. I might want the product description immediately after the H1 and inside an H2 tag, or I might want to have it off to the side in some div somewhere.

    Likewise with the other elements.

    I’d like to have different page templates reposition these elements.

    What’s the best way to implement this?

    Should I create metaboxes for each type of element (i.e. a metabox that has fields corresponding to each element, into which I can type the html/whatever) and then use get_post_meta at various points in my page templates?

    Or should I enable some kind of post format to capture each of these?

    Or create some kind of widget/sidebar concoction?

    Or wrap each piece of meta in a div, give it an id/class and rearrange it all with CSS?

    Thanks in advance.

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