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    Hi There,

    I’d love to use the Flexi-Pages widget, but I’m having a problem with it. No matter how I set it up, it makes whatever is below my navigation in the sidebar disappear and I’m left with just the navigation set w/Flexi-Pages. In other words, after implementing Flexi-Pages, I have no login, no blog topics, no recent posts etc … everything below the nav is gone, like it doesn’t exist.

    This is the plug-in link:

    I’ve tried disabling several other plugins to see if there maybe was a conflict. I have not disabled all plugins because I don’t know if that means like in the case of say cformsII for which I already have a form set up and working if that means I have to start all over w/the form or if re-enabling the plugin for it will put it back in working order as it was before I disabled it.

    Wondering if anyone else may have had this problem and found a solution for it or if anyone has any ideas that I can try?

    Thank you,

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