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  • Hoib


    Trying to use the “Flexi-Page plugin to do a simle password protect on a Member’s Only area link in the sidebar (using Batavia 1.5). What I’m hoping to do is, have the Member’s Only page appear in the sidebar with nothing beneath it. So far that works. Click on it, enter password (no user name), and the Member’s Only child page material then appears in the sidebar to further click on. I’ve selected “List Top Pages only” in the Widget config and ensured that the Member’s Only Material pages are all child pages to the “Member’s Only” page.

    I’ve almost got it, but, what happens is Click on “Members Only” the password box appears -and- so do all the child pages in the sidebar. The child pages are appearing “too quickly” you could say. I’d like to “hide” the child pages until the password is entered.

    I thought Flexi-Page would be a simple way to mask off the child content. I tried the plugin called “Restrict Pages” but it requires a username and matching password. I want to avoid the mess of having to assign usernames and passwords. I just want to simply password the parent page (Members Only) and make sure the child pages don’t appear UNTIL after a password is entered.

    Am I on the wrong track?

    Hoping to hear. Thank you.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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