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  • Hi Guys,

    Just found a flaw in the All in one SEO pack and wonder if you’re aware of it. It occurs if you decide to make one of your Pages a Home page – viz., permanently fixed as the page of entry to your Blog/site.

    If you take this move, the All in one SEO pack fails to give your home page any description or keywords. Trying to overcome it by inputting manually your Home page description or keywords results in Posts having 2 sets of descriptions & keywords.

    It’s a vicious circle…because the options are

    i) NO Home page description or keywords = bad SEO,
    ii) Every post having the same description or keywords as the Home Page (but admittedly a unique title) = bad SEO.
    iii) Every post having 2 descriptions or keyword sets (but its own title) = bad SEO.

    Just another of the many trials and tribulations of integrating WordPress into an existing website


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  • Hi Guys,

    Any pearls of wisdom re this issue?


    Check that you are using the most recent version of the plugin and try contacting the plugin author.

    Hi Iridiax,

    I am using the latest version and have contacted the authors twice by email and phone without success.


    I have similar problems. I’ve been using the plug-in for almost a year and just realized it isn’t filling in the meta data on each page. What a waste of time!

    I’m hoping there is a resolve that will get the plug-in working correctly.

    I just changed a blog to use a “page” as my “home page” (as described above) and noticed that the meta tags were blank. I contacted the author twice. After the second email, I got a short response that said

    “Thank you for using our All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide complimentary support for isolated issues some people have with our free plugins. You may try the WordPress support forums to see if you can resolve your individual problem.”

    That is why I am here on the forum. It is obviously a bug with the software. It is pretty poor on their part to respond like this!

    I can understand if they don’t get $ support, it must be tough to maintain. I suggest checking out Headspace – a newer SEO plug-in that does a lot more.

    All-in-one does work great when configured correctly, but if they are no longer going to support it may be advisable to migrate to headspace.

    you can try Platinum SEO

    There is really an easy answer to software, plugins, widgets, etc that don’t work properly and aren’t supported. DELETE them and use another. Telling someone to try a support forum for another product is just unacceptable.



    This plugin doesn’t work properly at all of my wp sites. Once I switch on the plugin my sites disappear from ranking. When switching off they return. It is very annoying, so I follow the above advice and change it to another plugin.

    @belenenses This issue has been corrected in All in One SEO Pack. “Platinum SEO” is just a rip of AIOSEOP and doesn’t have the last years worth of bug fixes, including this one. You’ll also notice that it has been removed from the repository. Please do not call plugin authors on the phone for free plugin support.

    @chabotjeff @saurus All in One SEO Pack is certainly actively developed.

    @princesshu It’s impossible to immediately drop out of Google by turning on a plugin, and to then reappear when you turn it off.

    @hallsofmontezuma I’m using All in One SEO with a page for the Home Page witout any luck. It would seam it doesn’t work after all.


    This is a major feature of the plugin. It does work after all.
    If you are personally having troubles, feel free to post at and provide more details.

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