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  1. adamohern
    Posted 7 years ago #

    This thread details my issue.

    Lets say I have the following category structure:


    And I've got a post called "Imperator" marked "Carrots". This means that in my blog, if I select the "Carrots" category, my "Imperator" post will show up. More helpful is the fact that it will also show up if I choose the "Veggies" or "Foods" categories. Hooray for nested categories!

    The problem is when I convert them to tags, only the marked category is converted, regardless of its parents. This means that now my "Imperator" post is only marked with the "Carrots" tag, NOT the "Veggies" or "Foods" tags. This is a problem, because now my post only shows up when I filter for Carrots, but not for the broader categories!

    This seems like a simple fix. Is it possible for one of you kind folks to help me out with this? Thanks a ton!


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