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  • I’m also struggling with this one but using the Table Rate Shipping Extension, I’m still waiting to hear back from Woo Support which could take forever…….

    Table Rate shipping doesn’t do what I was thinking… b/c if you set up the shipping for 1-3 to be $4/item and then 4+, to be $2 an item (for example) 3 items costs $12 to ship and 4 items would cost $8 to ship. I sort of wrote some hackish shipping extensions, but they didn’t work quite right with variable products, because it was considering a variation as a different/unique product and charging the “first item” price even though I wanted a large and a small t-shirt to count as two tshirts.

    Eventually I went with the USPS shipping plugin which sort of calculates based on weight. I just couldn’t spend another day trying to hack this out.

    Ok here is what you need to do with table rate shipping! Sent to me by a woo ninja.

    You would need to setup your Method to have “Per Order” shipping,
    and then set “Condition” to item count. Have a cost for Min=1 and Max=1 that is $7.

    Then have a second rate for Min=2 Max=n/a with a cost of $4 (less $3 that will be added for the first item) and an Item cost of $3

    These two rates should be locked down to this type of product using a Shipping Class.
    Depending on if you have other items for sale in your shop you will need to add rates to calculate for them based on their class.

    Thanks for sharing your answer mojowill! My one-week sale is over, but this is valuable info to have out there.

    Thank you @mojowill, after messing with it for 2 weeks, finally sorted it out.


    What plugin/extension were you using to get this solution? You mention Table Rate but is that the $199 version on Woocommerce?

    @taylor, yes Table Rate shipping is the one being referred to.

    Fudge. My client changed her mind when she realized that UPS was such a hassle so probably isn’t going to be happy about the extra $200. Oh well.

    No one is, but having looked at the code for that plugin, I can tell you that it is a very complex plugin. Your client would probably have to pay you more than $200 to solve the issue yourself… at least that is how I always look at it.

    As mentioned, I did try to make a Flat Rate+ shipping class and failed. I’m sure it is possible, but I was doing volunteer work so didn’t investigate too much. If I thought there was a demand, perhaps I would revisit the idea.

    Very true from what I observed in the documentation.

    However, I’ve used another site for a number of WordPress plugins in the past and they have always worked very well is CodeCanyon. I did a quick search and found the EXACT plugin I needed for Table Rates and it was only $19…not $199.

    I think did a quick search for Woocommerce plugins and they offer a LOT so I will be shopping there FIRST for plugins.

    You also get what you pay for too. I’ve gotten a lot of crappy code from CodeCanyon and don’t buy stuff from them anymore.

    True. I’ve paid for a ton of plugins through Woocommerce but when they switched to the new over the top pricing and service tiers…I started looking elsewhere.

    I’ve never had any issues with their code so I’m definitely willing to try.

    FYI: The plugin worked PERFECTLY.

    They want to charge $13.75 for the first item and then add a flat fee of $2.00 for additional items…SUCCESS.

    And it only cost me $21 total ($19 plus the $2 PayPal fee) to get it done..not $199.


    I have released a new WooCommerce plugin that can let you add multiple extra fee based on payment, shipping, cart items or minimum order.

    WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO

    Hi Taylor,

    So are you saying that the plugin stops the additional item from being another $13.75? Or do you mean it will be $27.50 plus an extra $2 for the flatrate postage?

    I’ve been searching for a cheaper plugin that will do the first option I suggested with no luck, this might be my break through…

    Thanks Mate.

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