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    Hi, I’ve been told this is easy to sort but not how to sort it, do please can you help me. I’m trying to get shipping for multiple items to go something like this:
    1 item costs 2.95 shipping
    2 items cost the original 2.95 plus a reduced cost of 1 for the additional item
    3 items cost 2.95 for the original item plus 1 each for the additional items – total 4.95
    and so on…
    I can only get the flat rate to charge 2.95 for each item, so the shipping charges come out too high.
    Please can someone help me – I know this is probably simple but I’m stuck!

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  • Flat Rate shipping offers three main settings that you need to use in order to achieve this. First is the ‘Calculation Type’, this is needs to be set to ‘Per Item’ because you want to calculate the shipping based on the number of items in the order.

    Since you want the first item to cost 2.95 and all extra items 1 each, you need a way to distinguish the first item from the second, third, fourth etc. You can do this by setting ‘Cost per order’ to 1.95 and ‘Default Cost’ to 1.

    Every order starts of with at least 1 item, this will add up to 2.95:

    1 item: 1.95 ‘Cost per order’ + 1 ‘Default Cost’ = 2.95
    2 items: 1.95 ‘Cost per order’ + 2 ‘Default Cost’ = 3.95
    3 items: 1.95 ‘Cost per order’ + 3 ‘Default Cost’ = 4.95

    That should work, right? 🙂

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

    I had the same question, since I cannot figure out table/based shipping in this cart.

    I can follow until “setting ‘Cost per order’ to 1.95”.
    But then.. Where do you adjust the ‘Default Cost’ 1?

    Don’t see any ‘Default Cost’ under Flat Rate Shipping…


    Sumukha, in the future: please make your own topics for when you have a similar issue. You can always link to this topic from your new one, so we know what’s going on.

    In this case, the ‘Default Cost’ has been renamed to ‘Cost’ in the bottom table, as shown in this screenshot.

    Hi. i m newbie shippping. Sorry. i have some question about this

    i have some products not exceeding 2000 gr. i ll send Registered Surface shipping ( not exceed 2000 products for shipping )

    how to organize my shipping settings. i didnt configure flat rate shipping.

    Is it suitable shipping methods do you think I have in mind. This will be my standard shipping methods. “Registered Surface shipping” This is one of our country’s local mail delivery methods.

    For example,
    1 products (below 0-250 gr) 5$. every each item has to be 2$ then 3 item 2$ etc..
    1 products (below 251-500gr)7# every each item has to be 2$ then 3 item 2$ etc..

    And In addition to the customer paying an extra fee in a separate selection, be able to select a special “fast delivery shipping “option.

    And in addition to If the customer more quickly and be able to select the different shipping companies.

    Can I do this with standard shipping WooCommerce settings.
    Was a little long, but could not get out of the business. Thanks in advance.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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