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  • In my woo commerce site my flat rate shipping is there but not working right. when you go to check out it is set up to charge for one product and at the largest shipping price and not by each product.
    Can someone tell me how to fix this? when i try to work on it in the back end all my shipping info is missing and i cant change any setting.

    These are my only options:
    Shipping Zones | Shipping Options | Shipping Classes | Free Shipping (Legacy)

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  • Instead of trying to get the flat rate to work you can try the Flexible Shipping plugin:

    In most cases the free version will do, but there is also a pro version available which add more functionality.

    Disclaimer: I am the plugin author.

    @swoboda I see you are very busy! 😉

    …however, having tried your plugin 2 days ago, I can say that it worked very nicely for the most part. I found it quite difficult to learn how to set it up and was sorry that there was no short video tutorial on how to do that, but once I had set it up, it worked nicely for the most part. The only part that was not good for us was the UK setup part (not able to dig deep enough to separate the 5 or so different shipping zones for UK) …but the developer has very kindly offered to look into this and provide the facility – so finger’s crossed!

    Yep 🙂

    We started working on supporting locations inside our shipping methods (so the UK case scenario will be covered). We will release this as a separate paid plugin which will work with Flexible Shipping free and pro.

    I still cant get my shipping working on my site. it has been trying to charge 45.00 for every thing and it does not have my flat rate shipping on there any more? my classes are this there but the shipping option does not let me use them any more? is there another way or plug in that i can use? not having my store running for the past few month because of these kinda problem has me a little upset!

    *This is my shipping page lay out for options:

    Shipping Zones | Shipping Options | Shipping Classes | Free Shipping (Legacy)

    *under shipping options this is what i have:

    Shipping Options
    Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page
    Hide shipping costs until an address is entered
    Shipping Destination

    Default to customer shipping address
    Default to customer billing address
    Force shipping to the customer billing address
    *This is under Shipping classes:

    Shipping Class Slug Description Product Count
    Add Shipping Class
    Extra Large
    Edit | Remove


    Free Shipping
    Edit | Remove


    Edit | Remove


    Edit | Remove


    Edit | Remove


    Edit | Remove



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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