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  • My client only offers virtual products but she needs to be able to apply a flat administration charge per order at the checkout stage – any ideas? Woocommerce doesn’t allow shipping charges for virtual products by default to this one has me stumped! Reward for a winning answer available by way of PayPal gift….


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  • Can you solve this by calling the product a downloadable, but NOT ticking the box for “virtual product?” as far as I remember the only purpose of ticking the “virtual product” box is to eliminate shipping charges and to eliminate requiring a shipping address. You can offer free shipping for the product or set shipping cost to 0 with “Per Product Shipping” and end up with the right behavior.

    Awesome idea – thanks! You rock.

    Now I just need to hide various shipping related fields, both at checkout and at the thank you page so as not to confuse the user. I don’t want them having to complete or see anything to do with shipping as it’ll just confuse them I think (and my client….).

    Unless there’s another way?

    At the moment I have the products set as downloadable, with the admin charge added as a flat rate handling fee so that it shows in the table on the checkout page.

    I’ve set it to only ship to billing address to do away with the shipping address fields at checkout, all that remains is to sort out the thank you page (basically remove it all!) and update the “Billing & Shipping” title on checkout. I think.

    My head hurts 😀

    You can modify/remove the Thanks page from Woocommerce -> Settings -> Pages -> Shop Pages!

    Of course! Here’s me getting ready to hack the php and/or hide loads of stuff via CSS and all I need to do is remove the shortcode and hardcode the thankyou page!

    It’s been a long, long day. Week in fact.

    It’s looking perfect now 🙂 My client runs a b&b agency and as such there are only “bookings” and “homes”, not “orders” and “products”. Lots of customisation needed but I think I’m finally there!

    Where were you when I needed you over the last week, eh? 😉

    Let me know your paypal and I’ll swing you a beer donation!

    I ALWAYS look for the cleanest quickest way to modify WordPress without php or CSS, first.

    Do you use a calendar-based booking plugin?

    Last week I was figuring out how to use Woocommerce too!

    ha! cool, you can use

    It’s a good lesson and one I should remember.

    No calendar based plugin, yet. I’ve not found one that will integrate nicely with woocommerce products. I think Woo are working on something but it might be a while.

    At the moment I’m using the product quantity as a selector for the number of nights stay, attributes and variables for the individual rooms in houses, and users just select a date range in the checkout/billing form to cover off the dates they will be staying. The date range isn’t linked to the number of nights selected of course, which could be a lot smoother.

    It’s made even more complicated by the fact that the client is an agency – sometimes the customers first choice may not be available so they have to add a selection of homes to their “list” (cart), but this requires me to hide all of the subtotals etc too, as they will only be billed and charged for one of thier selected homes when the booking is actually made by the client.


    I knew it wasn’t going to be easy – especially as I’m no coder (!) – but anything is doable when you put your mind to it. Oh, and when there’s a thriving community willing to help out occasionally haha!

    You’ve got my email, let me know if a bit of freelance help here and there is of interest and enjoy the beer 😉 Thanks again man, it’s looking almost perfect now.

    I dread the upgrade to Woo2.0 but it’ll be better in the long run I think, so many new cool features coming that I can take immediate advantage of.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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