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  • Ok so I’m using Woocommerce and have a UPS plugin for shipping rates and all, but here is my issue.

    We have two types of products Sauces and Clothing. I ship the sauces UPS personally and the clothing gets dropped shipped for us at a flat rate shipping

    Sauces ship via UPS and everything works great
    Clothing ships via Flat Rate and everything works great

    Now if someone has a cart with sauces AND clothing it defaults to just flat rate. I need it to to understand that the sauces are to be charged UPS and the shirts are to be charged flat rate even if its all in the same order. I tried adding the flat price to the clothing but then the problem comes in that every time they add a shirt or a hoodie it charges the extra fee per item. Is there a way that I can have it say “ok there is a shirt in this order so just charge $x.xx no matter how many shirts” or some work around? Or is there a way to set say groups of items that ship together? Is this something I would need table shipping for?


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