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    I have a client and I’m building a new site for him off his actual site (yes, moving this is going to be another huge request for help, but for the moment…)

    He has a javascript image rotator he wants in the sidebar. Problem is, I’m using the rounded edges js to round the edges of the title boxes and the left and right sidebar boxes, and when I add the js image rotator code, it makes the rounded edges disappear. He wants both, and I’m not really about ready to create the rounded edges with images… we’ve spent more time than desired on just moving his files to WP as it is and getting the layout/colors right.

    I was wondering two things… one, does anyone know why the two js codes are banging heads?

    And the other – does anyone know about embedding a small flash file (190px wide with 5 or 6 images rotating) in the sidebar? I see all this stuff about posts and pages, but nothing for the sidebars.

    The site I’m working on (this is just where we’re doing all the work) is – that’s where you can see the rounded edges code, it’s in the header.php file.

    The site we’re moving to, that has the current js rotator code is (scroll to the bottom of the index page, you’ll see it).

    I wouldn’t care either way, whether we used flash or javascript for the rotating images… I just need it to work, and as quickly as possible!

    Thanks in advance for your help… please help!?

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  • Edited* It’s cool.. =) Don’t worry about it lol. I’m just having a bad day with CSS and shit bad, just thought it was basically the same threads and thought maybe you could have bumped up the other one with the the content of this one… :/ Maybe could have killed two birds with one stone lol..

    For the problem at hand, I have never tried flash in anything yet.. =(


    Didn’t mean to take it out on you.. =(

    sorry about what?
    i posted it twice in two different topics in hopes of getting an answer… is that against the rules?
    one topic was for plugins and the other was for troubleshooting…

    *Edit – In the meantime, now there are 2 replies to this, and it’s still unresolved. I’m sorry that YOU are having a bad day, but why take it out on me?

    Why can’t you embed the flash in “sidebar.php”?

    I’m not sure… that’s what I’m asking.
    I don’t know if I can, much less HOW.

    I don’t know anything at all about flash, and not much about js. You maybe should take a look through the archives at, There’s a ton of info there about flash, js, java etc. – might be more likely to find something to help you there than here.

    vkaryl – well my problem occurs specificially IN wordpress. that’s why i’m asking here. I don’t need to know about flash and javascript in general, I need to know about using it inside wordpress, more specifically, these sites.

    I’ve seen people post questions relating to specific wordpress powered websites, so I’m not quite sure what the problem is here, and why I’m being “shooed” off like this.

    Am I not wording my request for help properly or something? I thought it was quite specific, and warranted a specific answer – not being responded to with a “why don’t you just…” or a link to some other generic archive that I’d have to search through for months to find my answers.

    This IS the wordpress help forums, isn’t it? I don’t need help with flash or javascript – I need help getting it ON a wordpress site.


    Well, sure – it’s fine for you to ask here, it just doesn’t seem as if there’s anyone who knows anything to help you right now. I tried a search earlier to see if I could find anything similar to your problem, and I didn’t turn up anything.

    So I was just trying to give you another option instead of waiting around here hoping someone might show up who has some info….


    I appreciate the motivation for behind your post – however I really don’t have time to search through an archive that doesn’t appear to have a search feature on it, in hopes of finding something related to wordpress… that’s WHY I posted here.

    Meanwhile, there are now plenty of posts on this thread, and to anyone looking to offer real help, they might pass it by, considering this one taken care of, and seeking out those who have yet to be truly helped.


    And I’m sure if I post a new one, free of useless comments, I’ll be yelled at for that…

    I just need a solution to the problem… I’m not trying to be mean or sound ungrateful for what you tried to offer, vkaryl – but logically, how would it make sense, provided the request I gave? If I need this taken care of ASAP – how would searching an archive that’s sorted by date ONLY, and isn’t geared to wordpress issues, help me more than this place?

    IS it a image rolator? I cant see it at al

    The image rotator is on – toward the bottom. I can’t get it on the wordpress site ( without it ruining the rounded edges…

    Ok found it. there is a nice plugin for image rotating
    mabye this is a good solution for ya!

    Thanks so much! I’m going to try this and let you know how it goes!


    Thank you soooooo much, red-star!!!

    AMEN! Praise The Lord! Praise Him! Hahaha..patience is virtue lol! There is always most likely someone out there with the anwsers to your problems…just takes a little time. Even though time isn’t always something to mess with though..sigh.


    Great Lady delaluna! U Welcome

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