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  • I have the same problem. The pics cannot be uploaded to the folder.

    To solve the issues with WP 3.9+ and the editor, you need to replace two files in /admin/tinymce/, in the plugin folder. These updated files fix compatibility issues with the new TinyMCE. There will hopefully be an update soon with the fixes as well.

    I will also investigate why the flash upload doesn’t work. Could you provide some more details about this? Is there an error message? What exactly happens?


    Its okay, i can wait for the fixes in the next version update. i do not depend on the add gallery button to put in the shortcode anyway.

    As for the Flash upload, it pops-up as usual but stays there, doing nothing. the bar is not moving, and the files don’t get uploaded at all. if i switch to non-flash upload, its fine, and it also creates the thumbnail correctly. but ofcourse, thats uploading 1 file at a time.

    Hello !

    I have the same problem with tinymce-Advanced.

    The “Add Nextecellent Gallery” button is not working a well with the new editor. after clicking “Insert”, it just returns the value of 0.

    I put the two files but nothing …

    Have a nice day,


    Did you try deleting your browser cache and trying again, after you’ve restarted the browser?

    Yep, same thing here. No flash uploader on WP 3.9. It just hangs at 0%.

    Yes i did, and purposely tried on another PC and browser which had never accessed the WP to test. at the same time, i tested on another WP still running on 3.8.3 and it was uploading fine with flash.

    Yeah i too face the same problem. Flash upload alone causing problem while normal upload works perfect in Nextgen Gallery

    Same problem here. Hopefully someone will find a fix soon. At least for the not working flash batch upload.

    I have the same problem with flash upload.

    Is there anyone who wants to test this?

    In the /admin/admin.php file, change rule 283:
    wp_register_script( 'ngg-plupload-handler', NGGALLERY_URLPATH .'admin/js/plupload.handler.js', array('plupload-all'), '0.0.1' );
    wp_register_script( 'ngg-plupload-handler', NGGALLERY_URLPATH .'admin/js/plupload.handler.js', array('plupload'), '0.0.1' );

    Be sure to clear the browser cache after changing the files.

    Just to be clear: this might not solve it!

    Just tried it. My browser is reloading the page multiple times and I’m getting a weird long url:[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[4]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[5]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[4]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[6]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[4]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[5]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[4]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[3]=[0]=[1]=[0]=[2]=[0]=[1]=[0]=

    And Error 414:
    Request-URI Too Large
    The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.


    Can you try that again, but this time add a new rule above the one you changed:
    wp_enqueue_script( 'plupload' );

    Tried it, but the page is still refreshing and I’m still getting this stupid long url and an error 414.


    Mmh, weird. As warned, this might not be the solution then. It did get the uploads working again in my test environment, but I’ll have another look tomorrow with a fresh install.

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