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    swfaddress, flash, wordpress, and the backbutton

    Thought that I would post this as a solution to anyone going through the same problem as I was. Basically linking my flash site to a widget was fine, except I couldn’t use the back button to return to my blog. As it is (as I understand it) damn near impossible to get a widget link to open up in a _blank window, I was a bit stuck.

    However I was using swfaddress in my flash site to activate the back button. Which meant that linking to my site at got me there, but wouldn’t get me back, as once in my site, the gig with the back button was taken from the browser and handed to swfaddress.js – long and the short of it is this. The link to my site from my blog needed the # mark in the link…so…

    this bad:

    got me to my site but disabled the back button

    this good:

    got me to my site and made the back button work again.

    So that’s how to sort out a backlink problem with a flash site that used swfaddress. Hope it helps some one

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