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  • I searched the forum all around and tried different solutions, but none of them seems to work. I need to load a .swf file into the header. Normally not a problem but with worpress it doesn’t really seem to work.

    It works in IE if i use the url instead of the path but then it doesn’t work in firefox and opera anymore.

    If i use the path, for example: /images/flash.swf
    then i get a white rectangle. Apperantly the flash file either can’t be found or doesn’t load.
    Outside wordpress it works like a charm in many different ways.

    Iam using Blix theme if that’s important, but i don’t think that matters a lot because the this forum is full with posts about wordpress and flash problems.

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  • I have same problem. Let me know if you find the solution.

    well first of all make sure you put the full url in. Are you including the call in css or php??? email me pgdsilva @ /msn i can help

    maybe your brown do not Support the swf?

    Let’s try to isolate the issue. Flash will not be broken when embedded in WordPress. WordPress seems irrelevant here because, provided you included a valid <element> in a certain (need be valid) position in your blog, the Flash object will do its thing. it will work independently and regardless of WordPress and perhaps even regardless of the browser, which only allocates a position for Flash objects.

    I suggest that you recheck the markup. Also, rather then opening an SWF file in your browser, begin by embedding it in a simple static HTML page. Once it works, graft it onto the right WordPress template and ensure it all validates. Hope it helps…

    I use also the Blix theme with a flash header, uptill now no problems. I use the flash-plugin from Marcus Grellert. Have a look at my site if you want to see it in action.

    I have the Flash working but for some reasone it adds a whiteline in every browser other than internet explorer below the flashfile. Margins and paddings are all 0 btw.

    Nieuws I don’t seeany flash on your site…

    That’s correct, i deleted it because of the extra break in Firefox. I can upload it into a mirror site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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