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[Resolved] Flash Slides Dissappearing

  • Hello,

    I’ve downloaded and installed this plugin, however when I activate it, each time I click on a page in my menu, the page “ajaxizes” and refreshes, however only images and text show up. Often my flash sliders will simply not display or disappear. Also disappearing is my breadcrumbs. I really really want to get this plugin to work with my theme and site, could you please tell me how can I solve this issue?



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  • Plugin Author webvitalii


    1) What is the link to the page where problem happens?
    2) What is the browser and OS where the problem happens?


    Here is a link to a test page where the problem is displayed. Please click on “Test Page” in the menu. Without ajax page loader a flash slider should be displayed, however if you go back and forth a few times between pages then you will see that the flash slider doesn’t display after a while.

    This is viewed on both Mac OS and Windows 7 in IE9, FF, Safar and Chrome all newest versions. The problem persists in all cases.


    Plugin Author webvitalii


    There is no link to the page in your message.

    Sorry, here it is:


    Plugin Author webvitalii


    I’got this error:


    The website does not permit its content to be displayed in a frame. It must be displayed in a separate window.

    Maybe it is the reason of your problem?

    How did you get this error? I’ve never seen this issue before.

    Did you get this when clicking the link I provided previously and does the error display in the page itself?

    I don’t quite understand how this error occurs, does the page load for you?

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    I’ve got this error in Opera when I clicked “Login” link.
    The “Test” page behaves as you described and I don’t know the reason why.

    Do you need access to the backend to see what is the problem? If so I would have to create a temporary user and password for that.

    So you’ve seen the “disappearing” flash issue on the test page? In my main site images load absolutely fine. However anything to do with “flash, sliders, banners” etc and breadcrumbs seem to disappear after a refresh or two.

    I really like the plugin as I’ve been trying to ajaxize my site for a long time.


    Plugin Author webvitalii


    Your flash content is loaded with javascript. And your ajax pages are loaded with javascript too. So after your page load you should also call function which load flash content. You may dig in this direction.

    P.S. I made Iframe plugin and it has nothing common with ajaxifing the page. 🙂 I thought on the beginning that you want to embed this site. You should ask this question on “Advanced AJAX Page Loader” plugin page, your problem is related to that plugin.

    Sorry, my mistake :p
    I’ll post this issue on the ajax site, I thought this was the ajax forum. Btw wonderful iframe plugin, I’m using it on my main site as well and loving it! 🙂

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    That’s ok.
    I didn’t understood the question on the beginning too 🙂

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