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  • Since this site was more an advancement for me in regards to integrating wordpress rather than being a showstopping flash site I thought I would look to the WP community for feedback.

    Using 2 wordpress installations (one for CMS, one for blog) I was able to let the power of WP control my latest site.

    RSS Includes Pages
    Custom Fields for Feeds
    Custom Field Template
    Google Analytics flash integration
    Multi sub-domain asset locations for faster loading

    In the future, I plan to switch from the atom rss to a custom created one to reduce some of the unnecessary nodes when loading xml’s for clients, work, news etc. I am also going to look to possibly combining the blog & the CMS, but in the meantime it is nicely separated.

    Thanks for looking!

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  • Wow that is great site. Flashy and visually stunning, but a bit heavy to load from my connection.

    Btw I don’t know people can do such thing with WP.

    Cheers 😀

    Thanks Isaacyassar, I had no idea what I was getting into when I started, it was my 1st time with WP let alone trying to integrate into flash. It can be a bit heavy with the large imagery – initial load averages 1.75MB.

    how do you know theses famouos people, thats good networking ,
    cool gd luck

    A lot I don’t, it is agency work. The ones I do are just friends of friends.

    great work! you should brief and share all the steps you did to make this project!

    I think I will have to do that hernanvionnet. I definitely hit a lot of road blocks along the way that I think others could learn from.

    Thank you!

    hi there!
    really coool site, freeden, congrats!

    for me, all started with this article, describing the use of swfobject, swfaddress and textPattern

    as i don’t textpattern.. went for wordpress..

    i’m still developing (got 3 client pages using this technique, plus mine in a near-faraway future)
    they’re all working in my localhost, i’ll post a link as soon as the first one hits the web

    any wordpress permalink prints its own php, with the main flash on top
    ..and the main flash behaves with swfaddress functionality always

    i pass the page ID by flashvars, and then use AMFPHP to query the database and get the right content, and so on inside the main flash navigation

    see ya

    u do a good job!the site is so beautiful.

    brasofilo, That is a different approach than what I have done, but it sounds like it is working for you. I haven’t seen that article before you posted a link to it, thanks. I unfortunately have been lazy and still have not added deep linking & SEO to the site. My todo list is to print the rss content feeds behind the flash & make sure the site can redirect the permalinks to the correct flash content.

    comm123 thank you!

    This is awesome web

    Thank you donatbollonk!

    Mr. @brasofilo, the amfphp service you use to get the right WordPress data, is that something you wrote yourself, or is it something publicly available?

    I want to do exactly what you’re describing, and not go through the atom feed like above. Cudos at what you’ve achieved with it though, Freeden!

    I’m now looking at the XML-RPC, but I’m starting to think that’s the wrong way to go:



    Check out this site for all you need to know about integrating AMFPHP. There is a solid example at the bottom of the homepage.

    Thanks! Jared

    I love your work! Especially the Desperate Housewives site!

    Awesome portfolio you have clearly worked hard to build it.

    Thanks Ludraman – Glad you like the work! The Housewives tour is a monster to maintain.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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