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[Resolved] Flash player does not show

  • Hello.

    I know it’s not listed as compatible, but the plugin with SC integration is just what I’m looking for, and wondered if there’s a quick fix to make the flash player show in the 3.5.1 install. Now it’s just showing text, like this:

    [name of song]
    [name of song]

    Appreciate any help


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  • Plugin Author simonhans


    What theme are you using.
    Can you provide a link to your website.

    – Simon

    Hey again.

    It’s a homemade theme.



    Plugin Author simonhans


    The problem might be your theme as mp3-player works fine for my site that I just upgraded to newest version of wp.

    be sure to have wp_footer(); in your footer.php file. That might be the problem.

    You can try an other theme and see if it works. Then make the change needed in your own theme

    Hope it helps.

    Plugin Author simonhans


    Also be sure to have wp_head(); in your header.php file of your theme

    Wow that did the trick actually. Now the player shows. Sorry about that.

    But the tracks won’t play though, and the pic isn’t showing either. Do I need to do anything else than upload mp3s and an image file to the page?

    Plugin Author simonhans


    be sure to have wp_footer(); in your footer.php file. That might be the problem.

    Dont know why the image isnt showing thoug. You should be able to just upload it to the page-gallery, and then it is used as cover

    So, the image needs to be LAST in the list of uploaded items, then it shows.

    I had stuck the wp_head and the wp_footer in the wrong places in the tag hierarchy, so now im able to play individual tracks. But when I load the player and clikc “play” it just says “NaN%” in the progress indicator. Is there a way to make the play button play the first track when you click it the first time?

    Thanks very much for your help!!

    Plugin Author simonhans


    I will fix that in a later version


    Great, thanks again for following this up!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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