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    I just installed the beta version of Adobe’s new Flash Player 10 and it broke WordPress’s file upload capability. In particular, clicking any of the “Add Media” buttons did correctly display a dialog box to upload or link to media. But then clicking on the “Choose Files to Upload” button did nothing at all. Reinstalling Adobe Flash Player fixed the problem. Thus I am pretty sure the problem is with Flash Player 10 Beta—not with WordPress or any other configurations on my browser or computer.

    But consider this post a heads up about potential problems with Adobe Flash Player 10 one a final version is released.

    Note that I am running Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Leopard) and Firefox on an Intel-based MacBook, not that I believe those details are necessarily relevant.

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  • Davin


    Just confirming that I had the same problem with the Flash Player 10 beta. OS X 10.4.11 Firefox 3 RC1.

    Still a problem with Vista, WP 2.5.1, Firefox 3.0 and Flash 10.0 b218 on July 4. Since I need the Flash beta to run YouTube properly I just go in to Firefox AddOns, PlugIns and disable Flash for the duration of a posting session. You get the older non-flash method of browsing locally and uploading — which works fine.

    Adobe said that it’s a security problem that should be corrected by WordPress

    Throwing error 2176 prevents a security vulnerability that could allow dialogs to be displayed without an explicit action by the user. WordPress will need to alter their code so that they do not indirectly call FileReference.browse to display the file dialog.

    Just wondering – any news on this?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)


    WordPress.org Admin

    Short version: Don’t use Flash Player 10.

    Long version: WordPress is not going to fix this. The flash in question is the SWFUpload library, so if it gets changed, then WordPress will likely upgrade. However, from what I’m reading over there, this is not fixable. Adobe crippled Flash 10 and made this sort of thing basically impossible. There’s some back and forth trying to get Adobe to revert their broken changes, but unless that happens, it seems unlikely that Flash 10 will be able to do any sort of file uploading of any kind.

    Note that flickr, yahoo, and all other flash-based uploaders will all be broken by this change in Flash 10. At the moment, everybody is recommending to NOT upgrade Flash any further than version 9. If you’ve installed the 10 beta, downgrade it.

    If Flash 10 does not revert this change, then this will essentially end the SWFUpload project, and WordPress will likely look for some other project to use instead. Probably a Java based multi-file uploader, since Flash is proving itself to be unreliable in Adobe’s hands.

    Some clarification…

    First of all, “Don’t use Flash Player 10”. Well, Flash Player versions achieve well over 90% penetration well within a year of being released, so that’s not a good long term solution.

    Second… “it seems unlikely that Flash 10 will be able to do any sort of uploading of any kind.” Is just completely untrue. Adobe is not removing uploading features in Flash 10. The problem is the interaction with the SWFUpload JavaScript library. Flash 10 does not allow you to open a file browse dialog except via a direct mouse click. It is that SWFUpload tries to open the dialog indirectly that causes it to fail.

    This is not something that is technically a “bug” or “broken” in Flash 10. It’s a “security feature”. In other words it’s intentional. Adobe tends to go overboard in its security measures, which tends to drive Flash developers like myself crazy in many, many more ways than this.

    Long story short, it looks like SWFUpload is not going to work with Flash 10 unless Adobe backs down (could happen, but don’t hold your breath) or someone figures out a way to hack it.

    There are plenty of ways around this. Embed a SWF with a button in the upload page. The button is clicked and allows you to open the file browse dialog. I’m not sure why you are using the SWFLoad library rather than just using a straight SWF.

    You can find information on this, why it was done, and potential solutions on how to fix it at:

    Flash Player 10 FileReference Changes

    This is a change made for security reasons, and it will be in Flash Player 10.

    If anyone from wordpress would like to get in touch with someone from Adobe to discuss a solution, please feel free to contact me directly.

    mike chambers


    So basically I can choose between Flash 9 (flash videos don’t run well in FF) and Flash 10 (Flash upload doesn’t work). Glad I’m not running a video blog.

    More info from SWFUpload

    Note that this is not just an issue with the beta. I installed the officially released version today and am having the same problem. Can’t upload images with the “Flash uploader.”

    yeah. same problem here.

    flash 10 also broke the uploader on zooomr.com

    i need to check flickr uploader now.

    anyways i can get back to flash 9?

    ph shitz, i guess wordpress will fix this in due course. in the meantime, downgrade back to 9. http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_14266&sliceId=1

    Is there a way to make browser upload the default?


    The is another simple solution. Use TWG Flash Uploader from http://www.tinywebgallery.com. Because there the browser windows is not opened by Javascript but by the flash directly this flash does not have any problems after updating to flash 10.


    C’mon guys, you’ve known about this for 5 months and have not come up with a fix. This is a bit pants – we know Adobe changed stuff, people have been talking about it for ages and they told you what the problem was.

    I know the issue is with SWFUpload, but that’s OS too – how come none of the WordPress coders have mucked in to help fix SWFUpload, which WordPress relies on so heavily – what happened to the Community in Open Source Community?

    Not impressed and still waiting.

    read on the wiki that the fix is not likely to arrive in 2.7. we might have to wait for 2.8. weird considering flash player 10 is officially out and its available everywhere.


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