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  • I have made a flash menu for my sidebar
    and I want to link to stuff like catgories and pages etc…
    in my flash i’m using getURL("?page_id=43","_self","GET");

    i have tried various methods like hardcoding the whole url and using "index.php?page_id=43" and so forth however when i click the buttons all that happens is index.php gets reloaded. I made it work using getURL("?page_id=43","GET");
    however it loads the page in a new window… as soon as i put _self in there the same problem reoccurs.. is there any way i can get around this??

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  • sorry, this is a blind test, but you could try either using


    (that is 2 quotes 🙂

    or “_PARENT”

    haven’t done it myself, but that would be the next thing i’d try.

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