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  • I’ve installed Mp3 player, one with widget playlist, another with a single song.It? a bautiful player, but I have three problems:
    1)with the playlist, the titles of the songs displayed are too small; it would be possible to make them bigger?
    2)In the same page I have 5 songs to listen: I write the title of each one on separate lines, and I’d like to have the player positioned at the right of yhe title on the same line, but it’s impossible because when I insert the short code, the player goes under the text.How can I solve this problem? (of course yo can say, use the playlist, bet see the point number one, the title are too small).
    3) It would be possibiel to use just one player at the top of the page and make it play a song when I click the titles of the songs in the page? (i tried to link each title with its mp3 file, but when I click the link, a new page is opening, also if a choose open in same windows or frame in setting the link.
    Can you help me, please?

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