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  • I have a client and I’m building a new site for him off his actual site (yes, moving this is going to be another huge request for help, but for the moment…)

    He has a javascript image rotator he wants in the sidebar. Problem is, I’m using the rounded edges js to round the edges of the title boxes and the left and right sidebar boxes, and when I add the js image rotator code, it makes the rounded edges disappear. He wants both, and I’m not really about ready to create the rounded edges with images… we’ve spent more time than desired on just moving his files to WP as it is and getting the layout/colors right.

    I was wondering two things… one, does anyone know why the two js codes are banging heads?

    And the other – does anyone know about embedding a small flash file (190px wide with 5 or 6 images rotating) in the sidebar? I see all this stuff about posts and pages, but nothing for the sidebars.

    The site I’m working on (this is just where we’re doing all the work) is – that’s where you can see the rounded edges code, it’s in the header.php file.

    The site we’re moving to, that has the current js rotator code is (scroll to the bottom of the index page, you’ll see it).

    I wouldn’t care either way, whether we used flash or javascript for the rotating images… I just need it to work, and as quickly as possible!

    Thanks in advance for your help… please help!?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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